I’m really excited to introduce you to one of our business partners, Regina!

The early days of single motherhood hit Regina hard as she found her time, emotions and finances completely overextended. “My power was cut off and later my business and house were taken away,” she says. “Pathetically, my fondest memory back then involved huddling with my children in the darkness and making hand shadows on the wall by candlelight.”

Little could Regina have imagined back in those dark days that she would eventually make a fortune with a service she could ill afford at the time, electricity, teach others to do the same and share her abundance with her grown children all via Ambit.

~Opportunities and Challenges~
Regina was always entrepreneurial. “As a child, I saw my parents struggle financially with jobs,” she says. “I wanted to be my own boss.” Regina owned modeling agencies in her early twenties and later, while staying home with her young children, opened a retail clothing business which she ran through employees.

More ventures followed: a business locating service, construction companies and a convenience store. The latter became the last stand of Regina’s conventional business career. “My financial collapse at the convenience store, following in the wake of my divorce, proved providential,” she says. “Soon thereafter, I found network marketing and could feed my family again. I even took an extended period off to spend with the kids.”

~A New Direction~
After that hiatus, a new opportunity awaited Regina – Ambit. “Friends had me call someone in the business who said, ‘If you ever wanted to be at the right place at the right time, this is it’,” she says. “I understood that my previous networking opportunity also involved a deregulated industry where catching the timely wave made all the difference.” Regina jumped aboard Ambit and found fulfillment and prosperity beyond any of her previous enterprises.

Regina particularly enjoys Ambit’s simplicity. “We don’t try to overwhelm people,” she says. “We explain the basics and tell prospects this is something they won’t want to miss. I especially like helping single parents get ahead. I understand their struggles.”

Recalling her former ventures, Regina loves that Ambit takes care of numerous tasks she formerly performed. “I needn’t worry today about collections, employees, accounting or payroll,” she says. “I remember getting up at wee hours to cover someone’s shift at my store. Then at month’s end, I could afford to pay everyone but myself. I didn’t run that business; it ran me! Today, I enjoy the benefits of residual income and time freedom through Ambit without all the typical business headaches.”

As a lifelong business owner, Regina appreciates an opportunity founded on experience and integrity. “The executives of Ambit certainly possess those in abundance,” she says. “I’ve visited with them extensively, learned their backgrounds and even met their families. In this era of expanding deregulation, we have just the right management team to position us for ever-greater prosperity.”

~Life is Good, Getting Better~
Today, Regina reflects on family matters, like her parents’ career struggles, the original inspiration for her entrepreneurial path. “My mom, from whom I inherited my ambition, eventually became a successful entrepreneur herself,” she says. “My father retired from the railroad and enjoyed traveling, but now endures significant health challenges. Pondering these things made me realize how precious time is and how all kids deserve well-to-do parents. Thanks to Ambit, I never have to say ‘no’ to my kids again. I recently took them on a trip where we enjoyed tubing down a beautiful river, legs interlocked, chuckling about those poor, electricity-less days when our biggest joy was making hand shadows.”

Indeed Regina, who once could scarcely feed her children, is now putting them through college, even graduate school, and relishes their quality time together. Yet she also enjoys time alone. In her luxury high rise, the lady who formerly endured life without electricity gazes across a million city lights, each one symbolizing her ever-brightening future. “I know the longer those lights burn, the more we get paid,” Regina says. “Then as we spread our businesses across the nation, untold lives will be brightened through Ambit as mine has.”

~Find Strength In Your Team~
Like all successful leaders in Ambit, Regina confirms that you can’t build a successful Ambit business – or any business for that matter – by yourself. But to her, it’s more than just leveraging the efforts of others – it’s leveraging everyone’s strengths that’s key. “Everyone has their strengths, but also things they’re not so good at,” she says. “That’s what’s so great about a team. We pool our differing strengths, and we follow the (Ambit) system as a team.” The result is not just a big organization; it’s a strong, effective one in which everyone is moving in the same direction.

~Much To Be Thankful For~
If there was one word to describe Regina’s attitude, it would probably be gratitude. “I could probably talk for hours about all the different things I’m thankful for because of Ambit Energy,” she says. What’s she most thankful for? “I used to think electricity was boring. I’m so thankful I overcame that and took a look at this business. Now I LOVE electricity!”

This year Ambit Energy will payout roughly $100 million in commissions to people all across America. To discover how anyone can take advantage of the Ambit momentum spreading throughout our country click here for more information on the compensation package.

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